Vail Wedding Deck


Dane and Sarah tied the knot at the Vail Wedding Deck , Colorado then took the Turtle bus to the Vista Restaurant to celebrate.

Their smiles say it all! They love Cowboyin’ up and skiing.  In fact they are going skiing on their Honeymoon!

I had a great time working with Carl Lindbloom again and recording such a happy day.  They were a joy to work with.

Congratulations Dane and Sarah1


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Shazam – Hand Painted cool stuff

Vail Product photography02Vail Product photographyVail Product photography03

Shazam hand painted glassware

Shazam hand painted glassware

Beautiful hand painted glassware by a good friend.  They make great gifts.  Nedra will custom paint to your wishes also.  Be sure to check out her website.


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Beautiful Sonnenalp Wedding

Click on the link below to see a beautiful wedding at the Vail Sonnenapl with some mountaintop pictures of a wonderful first look!

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Vail Wedding Deck & Westin Riverfront

Since I finally joined the 21st century and launched a non-flash website – I AM EXCITED!

This was a very special and in-love couple from last summer.  Sara and Dave were smiling constantly, even through the rain and close to gale force winds.

Jo Ann of Mountains and Meadows Wedding Planning, rolled with the weather as usual and executed a wonderful experience for bride, groom and guests.

Assisted by the lovely and talented Kelly Lemon.

I really do love what I do.

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Places to stay

Had the pleasure of photographing a property managed by Triumph Mountain Properties.

Check em out if you need a high end place to stay in the Vail Valley.


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Blog and website finally up!

I forgot how much work goes into a new website, hope you like it.  I plan to post cool and hopefully instructive things on this Blog.  I welcome feedback and even contributors.

I will try to post news about the Vail Valley, photography tips and other fun stuff.

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